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5 Best WhatsApp Chat Tracker Applications

What is WhatsApp Chat Tracker?

  • WhatsApp Chat tracker is a way that is used to monitor someone’s chat. You can do it even secretly, where the person that is under the monitoring process is not familiar with the activity.
  • So, while we discuss the WhatsApp chat tracker. It means that a specific medium that can monitor the next person’s chat easily. And you can easily get all the secret details about that particular one.
  • WhatsApp chat tracker provides you to meet with a purpose to monitor someone’s secrets easily. The WhatsApp tracking applications have certain agenda to provide you whole data ils that you desire.
  • Anybody can track everybody’s WhatsApp chat. It is a wonderful route to observe the perception of your buddies, family members, and workers, etc. It is a fine solution for parents particularly to get a glance at their children’s minds.
  • At the micro-level WhatsApp, the tracker is designed for whole easy estimating and cellular devices. You can approach numerous sorts of applications based on your recent demands.
  • The basic purpose to develop the specific program is to monitor your workers/kids in distinction to ill-use texts. It lets you observe their exact time locality.

Features of operating WhatsApp trackers:

  • Whether you crave tracking of anybody’s activities over WhatsApp, later install tracker applications in your phone. It is coherent to install it privately by your device since you may disappear your tracker’s icon.
  • It lets you hold all records regarding hangouts, chat, text, calls, and messages by WhatsApp.
  • It is an awesome choice especially for parents to get a glance at their children’s routine. You will stay connected to what kind of activities your children are performing.
  • This is about the main cause that it is acquiring fame. The greater number of servers are encouraging it. And it has successfully reached millions of servers.
  • It permits the person to scan the whole data. For example images and all audio-visual activities of the target person.
  • You may scan texts and whole chat by your own WhatsApp.
  • You will receive all updates while the target device attains messages, calls or chat, etc.
  • Provide privacy and safety.
  • You may operate it in distinction to Android, iPhone, and IOS devices.
  • Provides safety as oppose to insecurities and bugs.
  • It functioned instantly and quietly.
  • It is very coherent and simple to run.
  • It arrives along a passcode director to provide privacy.
  • It is an outstanding choice to monitor your kid in the course of screen and view moment. There is no rocket science to run this application. Everybody may run this application in the extreme comfort zone.

In what manner does it run effectively?

  • It is a supremely dependable and multi-purpose application for amazing information to observe other’s routines. To provide rigid parental authority over WhatsApp. This is a perfect choice.
  • You may have a glance to observe multi-media including calls, images, audio-visual content, and anything you wish. It is melodious for Blackberry, Android, and further systems. It is supported to track the entire screen moment of the server.
  • Tracks
  • History of calls and messages
  • Routine on WhatsApp
  • Passcode Malware
  • WhatsApp portal browsed
  • Sight log wirelessly
  • Conversations log tapped.

How to install WhatsApp chat tracker?

  • Hold on to provided link to the official portal of the application.
  • Log in to your portal.
  • Tap to the install button.
  • It is succeeded.
  • Enjoy notification facility to control whole safety issues. It provides a safety button in distinction to your device.

5 Best WhatsApp Chat Trackers Applications:

Following are consider perfect apps to track chat of WhatsApp:

  • Chat Analyzer for WhatsApp
  • Chat Stats for WhatsApp
  • Chat Chart__ WhatsApp Analyser for Chat Statistics
  • Chat Viewer for WhatsApp
  • Open in Chat number in WhatsApp without saving

Chat Analyzer for WhatsApp:

  • Scan your WhatsApp conversation the coherent route free from damaging your privateness!
  • Have you been surprised who is the outspoken individual in your group conversation? Who initiate the extreme chats? What are the general words operated? Have you desired a chill graph while you and your best partner chat throughout the day?
  • Scan your WhatsApp messages the most coherent route operating chat Analyzer and figure out! Literally, used the chat export option and dispatch it towards the application. We will perform all tasks.
  • You will be offered along with chill stats and chat graphs, consisting of all kinds of advantageous details. Definitely, your information will be yours. We will not view that, feed it or vend it.
  • Get benefit from route to more valid to your best partner who is interacting more, providing all desired information.


We don’t feed, view, or store your conversations. We do not view your conversations and never vend them. Whole chat modes are scanned and quickly removed via our system.

More info about the Application:

A version of Chat Analyzer: 1.0.1
Updated date: 12 August 2021
Downloads: 10,000+
Size: 6.09 Megabytes
Rated for: 3+
Reviews: 3.6*

Chat Stats for WhatsApp:

Application to attain most final statistics of whatsoever chat of WhatsApp:

  • Free of any charge.
  • Free from advertising.
  • Does not needed whatsoever permission.
  • No need to connect with the Internet.
  • No need to get reach to device data.
  • To attain statistics smoothly export persons/group conversation by WhatsApp towards the particular Chat Stats.
  • Later scanning exported conversation, the particular app shows bar graphs of statistical detail.

Few examples of scanning detail by every chat include:

  • The message of every user.
  • Words of every server.
  • Letters of every server.
  • Sum of letters to every message.
  • Media documents of every server.
  • Emojis of every user.
  • Links, texts on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Text of every hour in a day.
  • Days along with immense texts.
  • Messages of previous days.
  • The initial text of every server.
  • Most operated words and emojis.
  • All the above details along graphical display are presented by a single application. Thus, with a coherent method, you may feed, dispatch or share along with further servers.
  • Chat Stats can be operated without an internet connection.

Steps to obtain Statistics to whatsoever chat along with Chat Stats:

  • Unbolt WhatsApp
  • Unfold persons or group conversation
  • Touch on the chat button, 3 dots that display at of the top
  • Touch on chat export button
  • Select export it free from media attachments
  • Choose Chat Stats for exporting the chat

An additional Option:

A conversation that has been formerly exported into a .text document may as well be scanned coherently choose it by the file manager and unfold along with Chat Stats.

Unfold chat along and Contact Number:

This choice permits you to design a fresh/latest WhatsApp conversation by recipient’s contact number, without saying that particular contact.

Unbolt Private chat In distinction to Notes:

This choice permits you to design WhatsApp chat along with you and along with your personal contact number. A conversation is designed along with an individual server, free from somebody else to operate it as a notebook or to retain images audio-visual attachments and locality, etc.

Privacy Terms and Conditions:

  • It is based on free of cost and ads free. It does not shift chat details with internet or whatsoever wireless user, all result is performed regionally by the stand-alone device.
  • Privacy is a preference.

Application info:

Chat Stats Version: 6.1
Updated date: 3rd March 2021
Downloading: 100,000+
Size: 829 KB
Presented by: Jose Luis
Launched by: 5th May 2020

Chat Chart__ WhatsApp Analyser for Chatt Statistics:

  • Application to display thorough statistics regarding WhatsApp chats (for instance sum of text and emojis etc).
  • It is an application that offers a statistical review of whatsoever WhatsApp chat.
  • Absolutely free
  • No need for whatsoever device authority
  • No need for an internet connection
  • No need to compile device data
  • To acquire statistics coherently, export person/group chat by WhatsApp to Chat Chart.
  • Later scanning exported conversation ChatChart shows statistical graphical bar data.

Reviews contain statistics over:

  • Sum of text to every server
  • Words, letters, emojis for every user
  • Removed text, media attachments forwarded by every user.
  • Links for every user
  • Best chat emojis, best 5 emojis of every server, Top chat words
  • Frequent texted days
  • ChatChart has not needed particular authorities to operate. The results are completed by stand-alone, not having reach to internet.

Steps to obtain statistics of WhatsApp conversation along ChatChart:

  • Unfold WhatsApp.
  • Unbolt person/group conversation.
  • Touch chat button.
  • Touch on the export chat button.
  • Select export apart from media documents.
  • Choose ChatChart for exporting chat.

An Additional Way:

Former chat can as well be scanned.

Quick Message:

  • This button permits you to design unfold a brand new WhatsApp chat by recipient’s contact number.
  • These designed chats later dispatching the first text will be obtainable by WhatsApp without Chatchart.

More Info about Application:

Rated for: 3+
A version of ChatChart: 1.0
Updated date: 14th February 2021
Downloads: 10,000+
Size: 5.36 Megabytes
Launched on: 14th Feb 2021
Presented by: Dickey Applications
Reviews: 165 reviews

Chat Viewer for WhatsApp:

  • Unfold and view chats exported by WhatsApp chats.
  • Along with this app, you may unbolt and view chats that are exported by WhatsApp. Examine chat warning of backup, read a chat in the reliable zone, as same to Whatsapp.

Features of Chat Viewer:

  • Most of the features are offered in-app.
  • Unfold and view chat along.
  • WhatsApp medium, coherent message.
  • Focus a member, everyone along with the diverse color.
  • Display thorough detail, about the first and last date, the sum of participants, and texts.
  • Focus on URLs in text.
  • Unfold hyper-links along with the default search engine or a particular app.
  • Display list of participants.
  • Copy text into clipboard.

Premium Chat Viewer Version:

Features offer in premium Chat Viewer Version:

  • Delete ads.
  • Dark support theme just for Android or greater.
  • Shared texts to further applications.

Upcoming Features:

  • HTML export
  • CSV export
  • PDF export

Application Information:

A version of Chat Viewer: 0.1.5
Upgraded date: 27 April 2021
Downloads: 100,000+
Size: 2.55 Megabytes
Presented by: Web servers
Launched on: 15th November 2020
Reviews: 3.1* (258 reviews)
Rated for: 3+

Open in Chat number in WhatsApp without saving:

  • Unholy WhatsApp conversation along whatsoever contact number without feed that particular contact number.
  • It’s really time-saving.
  • Only choose state code and place in contact number and press open in WhatsApp option.

In which circumstances could open chat be operated?

  • When dispatching wedding ceremony invites to the public over WhatsApp who are not feed in your mobile.
  • Secure a lot of time and energy.
  • Dispatching WhatsApp locality to riders of delivery.
  • In few circumstances where you wish to dispatch text to the customer. You only do chat since do not feed his contact number.
  • Keep a list of prominent messages by dispatching text to you over WhatsApp.
  • Sometimes, when you do not wish to display your WhatsApp profile since yet interact by WhatsApp.
  • You do not need to feed contact of anyone to track his chat.

Application Info:

A version of Open in Chat: 0.1
Updated date: 19th Jun 2020
Downloads: 100,000+
Size: 5.78 Megabytes
Presented by: Design Orchard
Launched on: 19th Jun 2020
Reviews: 3.8* ( 324 reviews)
Rated for: 3+


WhatsApp chat tracker applications provide you a perfect solution to keep an eye on your target person. You can coherently get all details regarding WhatsApp chats with just a single tap. So, download any of the above chat tracking apps on your mobile phone and get your desired results.


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