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Tv channels become the requirement of time. You can watch different programs as you like. In the beginning tv channels were limited, now their transmission is vigilant and spread globally. Wherever you go, you can easily see your favorite program on your mobile phone. Only install the dearest application on your android phone. You can see your favorite match, drama, and news on the tv app. Tv channels give live streaming, just connect with wi-Fi and you are ready to watch. Although you do not have a wi-Fi facility, then you can use free live tv apps. Some are mentioned below.

1. Pocket Tv App:

It is an interesting app for live streaming videos, sports, news, web series, and shows in any language. No ads and it works nicely. Many channels you can watch, it does not demand any personal information which makes it useful to use and work smoothly.

How to download:

There are three methods of using a pocket tv app, one is mobile and the second is laptop and PC.

Laptop and PC:

Blue stacks are essential for it, you upload a file from BlueStacks and continue to run, it takes some time but after installation, it does not take long to open the file quickly. Later sign in and it will ask to operate Google Account. It works speedily, during this process many implications will occur, but you reject all these messages. Finally, it was successfully installed, you can see it.

Android Mobile:

Pocket tv app’s installation in android phone is easier than that of PC and laptop, simply go to the Play Store and write app name then open many channels in front of your eyes, but you start to pick up Pocket Tv App, installation it, after few seconds it will open and you can watch your favorite program. It has a good rating.

2.NexGTv App: 

NexGen tv app plays their viewers demanding programs. It charged subscription charges to the people. You can watch English songs, movies and Indian movies, shows, and news about everything in which you are interested. Use it with 2G, 4G, and 3G wi-Fi. Many activities show in the next App. Approximately six hundred channels you can see including HD and non-HD capacity, and kids’ channels. While watching the tv you can record your favorite show new or old and could watch her ter.


Download Process:

For the fitting process go to the website and download it, secondly, visit the Facebook page and carry-on watch programs. It is a high rating Tv Channel App with 10K subscribers; its downloading is free.


Go to play store and click to download NexT Tv, install it on your android mobile. There are three types of Tv channels it’s up to you to choose your favorite channel.

3. Sling Tv App:

HD Tv with both qualities paid and unpaid almost 85000 channels have everything for you. CNN news channels, ABC news, amusement, unlimited movies, discovery channel, and live streaming in national and international languages. Sling Tv is used in the USA.


Go to the google play store for downloading Sling Tv App on mobile following these steps and install it. After that, it will ask for your username, password and then log in.

4. Provides an app:

plex provides an internationally broadcasting facility by Plex company. It is rich with audio, video, and pictures for users to use.  You can enjoy live shows and network programs. A few Tv channels give all types of characteristics and quality programs. Top USA channels can see on the Plex Tv app live 180 plus device show never That’s the why it one only in the USA. People can see terror videos, light entertainment, reports, adventure, and cannibal movies, barbarian videos, brutal videos, fantasy-based plays, or melodrama.

How is it accessible:

A very common method goes to play store ask tall it, and it asks a question about your detail a and started work in a particular region. Just attach any network and you are ready to watch it everywhere.

5. Zong Tv App:

Zong Tv App is a free app for a one-day free trial used for videos, news dramas, cartoons, and forty channels live streaming, users can see. Nonetheless, it gives discounts on Zong data and discount with its packages monthly, weekly, and daily. Only connect with wi-Fi and get unlimited free streaming. People can record their favorite programs and do other work on mobile during live streaming.


Go to the play store and download it. Enter your mobile number and accept it.


Almost all Tv channels have the same downloading process. Some apps are used for PC and Laptop as well as android mobile. All apps installed on aThe basic mobile and tabs. The basic aim of all these apps is to connect internationally, cultural awareness, political conditions, and much more. A very few apps are used nationally otherwise all apps are broadcast internally. Discussion is made to all the people aware of global problems and their solutions.


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