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Parallel App For Carrom Pool & Lulubox – Android 11 Solution

Carrom pool:

Carrom Pool is an easy multiplayer board game. It is an awesome recreation that is related to the traditional pool and summons you to acquaint the exact colored tiles in each of the holes on the board.
Carrom Pool Mod APK

Traditional Alternatives:

This has many traditional alternatives across the world. Most famous are Bob, Crokinole, Pitchnut, and Korona.


Some distinctive features of carrom pool are given below;

  • Supports offline game
  • Play with your partners
  • Compete with leading players
  • Upgrade your stickers
  • Sleek control and realistic physic
  • Play around the globe
  • Win free victory chest
  • Use free the daily golden chance and succeed in big prizes

How to play?

  • Aim of the carrom

The purpose is to utilize to flick your striker at the carrom coin and then drop into any corner. Hence, the victor is the first performer to take all their coins.

  • Set up a carrom board

Now, Place your carrom on a level 60-70cm from the floor. After that, place the Queen in the center. Arrange the carrom Men around the queen. Accordingly, determine the first player.

  • How to break in carrom

Breaking mention to the first trial of the game. In the same way to Billiards, the purpose is to scatter the carrom men throughout the Board and out from Queen.

Mostly, Striker touch both mean line. If the player declines to make the striker take off both baselines. Then they can attempt three times.

If the player pots a coin in the break. Consequently, they can proceed to play for that color and take another shot. In contrast, if he fails then control passes to the opposite player.

  • Carrom Men:

Potting the carrom men is regulated by following rules that given here;

Carrom men that are not tickling the player’s baseline can be strike by the striker.

On the contrary, if he touches it they can only hit with a striker.

If hit the last piece promptly before Queen. Thus, You will pay a liability.

The player loses a turn if he pots their competitor’s color carrom immediately three points dedicated from his score.

  • Cover the Queen:

To cover the Queen, a player pocket their cover color Coin. Then on their following go, pocket the Queen. The Board will be won by the player if he correctly covered the Queen.

Scoring in the game of the Carrom:

In the end, points are added. Such a player wins who has more points.

Similarly, the player who won the board was also awarded an additional point.

Players gain additional 5 points who covered the Queen correctly.


Lulubox is a game plugin box for those who play mobile games on Android. Additionally, It comes with its own catalog of patches that we can download and apply to the games.

It enables the player to lot information and uploads their plugin that improves your gaming understanding in numerous manners.

Use of Lulubox:

A third-party application allows the player to get all costume wad, identity, and other items. It also has an inbuilt GFX appliance through which you can open the graphic of the game.

Features of Lulubox

  • 5 battle themes for PUBG
  • Open all skin of
  • Chatroom for game player
  • Endless coins for Subway surfer
  • Unlock all fashion of genera free fire
  • Free plugin
  • Use all game character
  • Quick updates
  • All tools are free
  • Collect free coins
  • Free premium gaming understanding

How to play games with Lulubox:

When you install a game through Lulubox then it creates an icon to open the specific game. When the icon is generated finally you can play the game.

However, If you prefer to utilize the features and tools of the game, Just open the game through this app and play it in Lulubox.

How to install?

  • Firstly download the Lulubox Apk file
  • Before installing make sure the unknown option source is unable
  • Now Locate the file from your storage device
  • You can open the download file and tap to install it.
  • To complete the installation process provides the information that is required.
  • App icon appear on your screen after installation
  • Finally, tab the icon to open the app

Parallel app for carrom pool and Lulubox:

Parallel apps allow the user to formulate and log on to numerous accounts for similar games and public apps.

With the parallel app, users can skillfully shuffle between many accounts by utilizing one mobile appliance. Therefore, Users can clone numerous of their valuable games and social media apps on parallel apps.

The parallel app is accessible in many languages and functions with maximum Android apps.

Information about Parallel app:

Package name com. exchange.parallel space
Developer DuoPeak Inc.
Latest version 4.3.7
Category Tool
Download 5000,000 +downloads
Download size 11. 19 MB
Update on June 18, 2021
Release on June 29, 2018

Parallel app key features:

Some important features of parallel are given there.

  • Manage multiple accounts

The Parallel app runs numerous accounts on a single device. In fact, the User can make more games account and clone several android games apps.

You can create more games accounts and do extra fun in this Parallel app. Similarly, Users can make accounts for many devices and users at the same time.

Moreover, you can enjoy the comfort of maintaining work and private accounts.

  • Easy to navigate

To create numerous accounts on the parallel app, simply click on add button. Only one tab effortlessly switches between the apps.

  • Multiple languages

The parallel app supports different languages like English and Chinese

  • Protect user data

Many account data in the exact app won’t associate with each other.

  • Free to use

The parallel app is free to use and we can use two accounts without any charges. Similarly, You can purchase a membership to have unlimited accounts

Permissions :

Parallel apps need approval that all major apps use. However, We can’t use these permissions for another objective.


The parallel app doesn’t use extra battery, data, and memory to carry out apps.


Now, amplify the parallel app to the system information whitelist.


The parallel app doesn’t collect data to secure your privacy.

what’s new in the Parallel app:

some updates in the Parallel app are given below;

  • Fix crash of Facebook
  • Resolve crash of rising of the kingdom
  • Resolve clash of sky
  • Fix failure of login for TikTok
  • Backing more accounts than one
  • Support PUBG
  • More upgrade features

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