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Apply to be a creator – Blank Sky Global – Snack Video

Apply to be a creator – Snack Video

In this article, we’ll elaborate on ‘creator reward‘, ‘snack video contest‘, and how to create a ‘snack family’ and earn money.

Detail about Creator reward and snack video contest:

Creator reward is a way to earn money on snack videos. You can monetize your videos and get prizes if you create videos on this app. These aspects utilize unique matrices to finalize the quantity of the prize.

Snack video has inaugurated a creator academy and now this Academy is enlisting creators. This mini-video program also organizes a video disseminating contest.

Social Media

Hence, if you are a good content maker then you can apply from any social media platform. Accordingly, you can apply to join snack Academy and become a verified creator.

To join this contest users need to create a good video with #SnackRisingStar. The conqueror is chosen based on high-quality video content and likes.

The top 100 winners possess the chance to obtain a specialized Avatar Frame for two weeks and the top competitor will win Huawei phones, iPhone 12, Bluetooth speaker, smartwatches.

To join and get creator rewards?

If you want to join the creator reward and earn money on snack videos then you should fulfill the following requirements. Before this, you will create 5 videos every day.

Criteria for joining creator reward

  • Make a profile with a 100% multitude.
  • Upload 5 videos
  • Pertain for creator reward

Criteria to get creator reward

  • Just high climate videos receive creator reward
  • The video should be with original background und, music, and graphics
  • If your videos bring 5k views and go on trending pages then you get the creator tor reward.

So, you should make only fair-quality videos that go viral. Because further comments, likes, and viewers determine the number of rewards.

How to withdraw creator reward money?

You can withdraw money from it. There is no constraints on withdrawing money from it but they have specified that you can withdraw money just onetime in a week.

How to apply?

https://m.snackvideo.com › pbact Apply to be a creator – SnackVideo

Create a snack family and earn money:

To create a family follow underneath steps;

  • Tab on icon setting
  • Chose “Help Select” from different options and click on it
  • After this click on other questions
  • Similarly, open a new page you have shown how to create your family option simply tab on it.
  • Click on the Unsolved option
  • After clicking on feedback turn to the Custom option
  • Type ‘I have a bunch of the audience I want to create my snack family agreeable give me to create family option’. Now click on the plus icon and upload the profile screenshot and email address. After this click on submit button.
  • Finally, after 3 hours of snack provides your family creates an option.

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